Monday, February 20, 2012

Vintage Finds

     It's hard not to notice the vintage stores on Via Del Governo Vecchio; they seem to burst out their facades out onto the narrow cobbled street in layers of sweaters, shirts, coats, ties, and shoes. These wares are strung out in front on hangers and racks spilling into the pedestrian traffic on the little street in central Rome. You can't help but finger through the racks and peer between the vintage leather jackets, baskets of Norwegian sweaters, and heaps of ties into the little stores as you pass by. If you push through this sea of clothing you'll find yourself in a den of undiscovered and well priced treasures. Every square foot of these small shops are filled. Racks line the walls crammed with vintage sports coats, flannels, dresses, and jackets. Even the ceilings are lined with vintage leather handbags and luggage. It's almost overwhelming.
      What is perhaps even more overwhelming is the selection. You'll find plenty of vintage Burberry overcoats priced from 100 euro, beautiful old Schott leather jackets from 75 Euro, Belstaff Coats from 50 euro, tweed sports coats from 15 euro, and Gloveralls from 100 euro.

    These vintage shops are perfect places for people like myself who enjoy a more classic selection of clothing, something that's hard to find in a country where the most popular brand is Georgio Armani, and its various other subsets.
     The two Barbour Jackets that I bought (a Beaufort, and a Durham) I picked up for 45 euro a piece, a tremendous bargain on a coats that retail between 300 and 500 dollars.

     I believe what must drive these ridiculously low prices for these high end items is a lack of interest in the Italian market for these mostly British brands which don't fall into the popular Italian trends. As a result, if you are in the market for a new Harris Tweeds sport coat, a duffle coat, any style of Barbour, or almost anything else, it's hard to find a better deal or a better selection than what can be found in the vintage shops on Via Del Governo Vecchio. The staff of the shops are friendly, and you can often barter for an even lower price if you play the game right. Via Del Governo Vecchio is a beautiful little medieval street located in the heart of central Rome between Piazza Navona and Corso del Vittorio Emmanuale

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